Lake Virginia Management District

Current events:

A pier has been installed at the boat landing, many thanks to Patriot Shore Services for their work and providing this to us at no cost.

Reynold's Park restoration update:

The parking area is completed.

Rocks have been placed and spaced to deter motor vehicles from attempting to drive down to the lake shore. 

The park has dried out aided by drain tile and lower lake levels.

Dead trees have been cut down, brush has been burned.

For the first time in many years, mowing has been completed in the entire park. The cut grasses have been raked and taken to the compost pile in Toeder Park.

Tilling to smooth out rough areas from the raised path installation and drainage installation has been completed.

Posts holding the retaining wall at the shoreline have been cut down to ground level for visitor safety.

Low spots and holes along the shoreline and other areas of the park have been filled in with dirt.

A picnic table has been placed near the water, refurbished boards from the old tables at the dam and a new frame were used to complete it.

Dirt has been spread and those areas are seeded.

Mowing of the full park has resumed.

Additional dirt was brought in to fill additional low spots, holes and rough areas of the park.

Future plans:

Drag & seed dirt areas in the park in Spring of 2023 if necessary.

Plant new trees.