Current events:

We will be working to fix and refurbish the picnic tables that we have on the dam at the lake. If you notice one missing, it may be offsite for a time for that purpose.  - Update: The tables have been completed, two were refurbished and one replaced due to a frame being broken beyone repair. Some of the old boards were able to be salvaged, saved to be refurbished for use on the table to be placed at Reynold's Park.

Reynold's Park restoration update:

The parking area is completed.

Rocks have been placed and spaced to deter motor vehicles from attempting to drive down to the lake shore.

The park has been slowly drying out aided by drain tile, lower lake levels and drier conditions allowing the tall grasses to be knocked down and mowed. The cut grasses have been raked and taken to the compost pile in Toeder Park.

Dead trees have been cut down, brush and debris will be burned early to mid 2022 or as conditions allow.

Future plans:

Continue mowing as conditions allow and trim areas at the lake shore for easier access for fishing.

Upon completion of brush & debris cleanup, place benches and/or a picnic table close to the shore.

Till and smoothen rough areas around the rocks, raised earthen pathway and drain tile to allow for mowing.

Extend drain tile if deemed necessary.

Fill in low lying areas and holes as needed.

Plant new trees.

Lake Virginia Management District